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Enjoy the benefits of a professionally designed,
hand crafted, American built aluminum boat:
  • Extensive selection of hull shapes and sizes - you match the type and size of the vessel to your mission
  • You select the power package -- out- board, I/O, or inboard -- to meet your operating needs
  • Professional hull design ensures sea- worthiness and safe operation
  • Strong, lightweight aircraft style inter- locking frame construction offers excelent speed and low fuel comsumption
  • Each boat is custom built to your specifications to meet your operating requirements

  • 5086 aluminum plating minimizes salt water corrosion and lengthens vessel life
  • Robust and durable construction mini- mizes maitenance headaches
  • No rot - no blisters - no gel coat fadint or scratches - no buffing and polishing
  • Aluminum construction is easy and inexpensive to maintain and repair
  • Low operating costs and excellent resale value
  • 10 year hull warranty (recreational use) and 1 year total vessel warranty
Fast Passage produces a line of kayaks under our own brand (Fast Passage Kayaks) and for other customers. We also build larger vessels in composite construction and in aluminum for Barbary Cove Yachts. Production for other boat builders is in the works. Whether you need the complete boat or just the composite parts delivered to your shop, we’re up to the task!

Fast Passage builds composite products for the marine, automotive and other industries. We build parts as well as molds. Our crew is experienced in using a variety of products including but not limited to e-glass, carbon fiber, Kevlar, polyester, epoxy, and vinyl ester. We prefer to use closed mold processes (such as VARTM or RTM) but are very experienced with spray-up techniques as well. Our crew can build molds for you or we can produce the parts here for you to assemble if you don’t want to maintain your own lamination shop. Fast Passage can also produce and assemble products for you to market. Contact us for more detailed information or a quote on your particular project.

The Fast Passage tooling department has the capability to produce high quality molds for production environments or quick one-offs for prototyping or for custom builders. Our technicians have built up decades of experience and are well versed in multiple genres of mold types. Customer can specify their preference of laminate systems or we will recommend applications best suited to their needs. With experience in VARTM, open molding, RTM, thermoform, etc.; we can produce what you need.

Fast Passage has produced FRP products for Marine, aerospace, automotive, and other industries. Our successes include seating for art exhibits (Joe Rossano’s Mirrored Murrelets), a full size model of NASA’s upcoming Orion capsule, prototypes for Ocean Science’s Riverboat, body panels for John Rankin’s Beach Racer, and kayaks for Necky, Rockpool and others. We continue to be available to produce product for a wide variety of customers. Whether it’s a one-off, limited volume production run or long term production, look to Fast Passage.

Fast Passage is a Sedro Woolley, WA based builder of fiberglass and aluminum boats, high end kayaks and composite tooling. Projects include the design and construction of leading edge aluminum boats, composite sea kayaks, and various composite tooling products including marine, wind/power generation, automotive, and many others. Marty Bridenstine, owner of Fast Passage, believes customization is important to ensure each product will perform to the highest standards.

A boating enthusiast for over 50 years and composite builder for over 28 years, Marty brings his passion to the shop floor and the entire staff benefits. Fast Passage has been involved in a wide range of projects from the construction of a full sized mock-up of the Orion space craft used by NASA, to SCCA Sports racer bodies and wind generator blades. We have built tooling for marine manufacturers across the country. We continue to be open to new projects large and small.

We invite you to Sedro Woolley, WA to visit our manufacturing facilities and discuss what we can do for you.

Marty Bridenstine

Marty Bridenstine
Fast Passage LLC
500 Metcalf St.
Building H
Sedro Woolley, WA 98284
360-855-3300 (office)
360-855-3301 (fax)
360-661-3202 (mobile)

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